Smartefact is an Art digital Identity platform that leverages blockchain technologies and NFC to enable art galleries, museums, auction houses, experts, collectors and more... to authenticate artwork and manage collections. It is the first service of its kind using the secure Emer blockchain and as well as our advanced protocol EmerCert, which we created to establish a robust chain of trust between the players. NFC tags on the artwork can be scanned using the Smartefact Mobile App available on Android and iOS, and respectively available on Google Play and Apple Store.


The Smartefact Mobile App is an integral part of the Smartefact platform and must be used to ensure authenticity of records. See HOW IT WORKS for more details about how to use the Smartefact platform.

When a physical artwork (e.g. a painting) is registered with Smartefact, it is given a unique NFC tag. The Smartefact Mobile App is required to scan the NFC tags (or QR codes), and see the records about the artwork kept in the blockchain. Data stored in blockchain can include detailed information about the painting as well as its author, and its history such as exhibitions, valuations, expertise certifications, sale and ownership changes, and much more.

Features of the Smartefact App include a powerful search engine that allows users to search for records in the blockchain. Smartefact also decodes the data found in the blockchain into a readable form through its user-friendly interface, so that the user has readable data instead of unfriendly raw data.

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Smartefact is a product of EmerTech, a member company of the Incu-App Programme, HKSTP (Hong Kong Science & Technology Park)