Smartefact is an Art digital Identity platform that leverages blockchain technologies and NFC to enable art galleries, museums, auction houses, experts, collectors and more... to authenticate artwork and manage collections. It is the first service of its kind using the secure Emer blockchain and as well as our advanced protocol EmerCert, which we created to establish a robust chain of trust between the players.

How to check an Artwork?

All you need to check an artwork's information registered on the Smartefact platfom is to download the mobile app, which will allow you to search artwork, as well as scan the QR codes and NFC tags placed on the artwork. The Smartefact Mobile App is available on Android and iOS, and respectively available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Mobile Application (Android & iOS)

When a physical artwork (e.g. a painting) is registered with Smartefact, it is given a unique NFC tag. The Smartefact Mobile App is required to scan the NFC tags (or QR codes), and see the records about the artwork kept in the blockchain. Download the Smartefact Mobile App

How to register an artwork?

Step 1

Request the registration of an artwork

Click here to request the registration of an artwork. Our team will then contact you to verify your credentials in relation to the artwork.

Step 2

Verified issuer submits artwork

Once your credentials have been verified and validated, you will receive access to upload your artwork using the Smartefact platform.

Step 3

Artwork is registered in blockchain

Once the artwork and the issuer are registered, they will appear in both the Smartefact App and in independent Emer blockchain explorers.

Step 4

Apply NFC tag to physical artwork

For physical artworks such as painting, a unique NFC tag is created for that artwork and is sent to the issuer. Scanning that unique NFC tag will verify the authenticity of the records for that artwork and issuer, which can be searched and found in the Smartefact system. Digital Artworks do not have NFC tags obviously, but printed photographs of a digital artwork can be registered as a physical artwork and receive a unique identifier NFC tag.

Step 5

Download the Mobile App

The mobile App is used to scan the NFC tag on the artwork and guarantee the autenticity of the records.

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Smartefact is a product of EmerTech, a member company of the Incu-App Programme, HKSTP (Hong Kong Science & Technology Park)